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October Newsletter – New Cyr Wheel Show

As many of you already know we’ve been hard at work creating our new cyr wheel act in time for the winter season and we are delighted to announce that we are releasing it to the world!

This act has been 18 months in the making, in which time we looked at every detail: from building a LED wheel robust enough to take the tosses and turns of circus life, to optimizing the LED response times so that we can create pictures and logos (the size of which are only matched by our Glow catherine wheel). We also took care to not only create an amazing prop, but also to produce a mind bending show, with approximately 20 hours of programing time for every minute of choreography. Not to mention the custom-composed soundtrack, weeks of rehearsals and years of training it take to master such skills. All of this work has been undertaken to blur the lines between humans and technology and create a show to astound our audiences.

At the end of this journey we’re very proud to add the Photon Cyr wheel act to our family Photon Glow shows!

Of course, whilst producing this act, our other acts have also been hard at work wowing crowds all over the world in our busiest summer to date. We’ve also managed to film a couple of live shows so you can see how they look in real life situations.

What’s next?

We are putting the finishing touches on both our LED drumming and Photon Acro new promotional videos so are hugely excited to be releasing them soon.  Also to keep up with our new props, new acts and new performers we’re going into the studio this very week to get them professionally photographed so watch out for them hitting your screens in the near future!

Call out for Bristol based performers

Due to an incredible amount of interest in our Photon juggling shows we are ready to take on more performers to enable us to meet this demand!

Who we are:

Smoking Hot Productions is a Bristol based production company specialising in cutting edge glow circus shows and spectacular fire shows. We largely perform at corporate events along with private parties, weddings and public events. Please see our website or facebook page for more info:



What we can offer:

Along with well paid gigs performing in our Photon juggling show there will also be the chance to perform in our fire shows and you will get priority on the freestyle glow and fire gigs that come in. We offer tuition in developing your skills both with props and with more general performance skills.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for Bristol based jugglers, spinners and hula hoop artists who want to perform in a high end 5-15min glow show. You must be willing to learn choreographed routines which will involve training new skills with new props. We need you to have some skills in staff and poi spinning and a willingness to learn more!

This is the latest promo video for the show we will be looking to get you involved in:



You will need to be available to attend an audition/taster session on Wednesday the 27th of September as well as our regular rehearsal session on Tuesday mornings 10-12pm.

Our busiest time of year in November and December so you will need to have good availability during this time of year. Also to get up to standard in time for this you we probably need to have time to train on this quite intensively in October.

How to get involved:

Please send an email to info@smokinghotproductions.co.uk with a list of skills by the 21st of September  (please include any movement/dance/acrobatic skills along with prop based skills) . Please also confirm that you are available to train on Tuesday mornings and have some availability for gigs in November and December

Glow Cyr Wheel Photos

Some shiney photos of our new Pixel Cyr wheel. The act is now nearing completions and we shall be filming in the next few week so you can see it in all it’s glory!

Glow Acrobatic show filmed live

Here’s a few snippets from a recent Photon Acro show we did.

The audience started off a bit rowdy but within a minute of us starting it was as if a spell had been casted over them and you could hear a pin drop!

All the footage was taken live at the event so many thanks to the performer who performed with such grace.


New Glow drumming video coming soon!

Here’s a few photos of our filming session last week. I’m really looking forward to having a new promo video out there to do this act justice!


Fire show for a wedding

Here’s few clips from our gig at the weekend. Thanks to Livi Little for being a star performer and of course thanks to the happy couple who gave us this feedback:

“Amazing!!!!!!! Totally made our day and if we could do it all over again we certainly would. Thank you so much”

Watch out for all the pyros in the last minute of the vid:

July Newsletter

We’ve had a busy time at Smoking Hot productions with a lot happening since I last wrote to you. One of the things we’re most proud to announce is the release our new Promotional video for our Photon Juggling show:

This video showcases all our unique, ultra bright props including; our Glow catherine wheel, LED light suits, giant hoop cubes and pixel poi and umbrellas and all in one place. As our props are now the brightness in the industry the need to only work in total darkness has reduced and to demonstrate this we have chose to film this video in a well lit studio. We think the show is looking better than ever and we hope you agree that the effects still look absolutely stunning!

As our obsession to stay ahead of the curve continues we’ve had our inhouse tech team developing glow hula hoops (as featured in the video above) and Glow juggling clubs (video coming soon). These props can be booked as part of the full show or as a standalone act. We’ve also been integrating them into our Walkabout performances where they’ve gone down a storm!

In other news our Photon Acrobatics show recently performed at Alnwick Castle (where they shoot Harry Potter) which was a fantastic success. We also got this lovely testimonial from the Duchess after the show:

“The Best Performance we have ever had”

  • Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland

What’s next?

We are currently very excited to be in the middle of producing new Promotional videos for both our Photon Acrobatics show and Flash, Bang, Wallop! our LED drumming act. Also in the pipeline is Full LED stilts costumes which we intend to combine with our Pixel Umbrellas to create a bright and vibrant walkabout act. And if that not all we intend to make an announcement regarding our Pixel Cyr Wheel very soon!

Postal address: 88 Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AT
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