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Unique and Spectacular Glow shows

“An extraordinary combination of excellent hand-to-hand acrobatics and spectacular LED pyrotechnics. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

  • Bim Mason, co-founder and director of Circomedia

Reflecting the Quality of your Business.

If you are booking entertainment for events we know how important it is to keep your loyal customers coming back for more. At Smoking Hot Productions we believe that high impact and innovative acts keep events fresh and creates a talking point for the guests. Our shows bring together over 15 years of choreography know-how, with ground-breaking technical expertise, to create a unique experience that audiences absolutely love.

Your Name in Lights!

We personalise every show with our pixel props, displaying your chosen branding and messages. Then to top it off, our 10ft high glowing Catherine Wheel projects your logo into the air, making for a truly unforgettable show.

Click on the video below to see what the co-founder and director of Circomedia had “never seen anything like” before.

Because every event is different we take pride to tailor every show to fit your needs. Not only can we do this with personalised messages and branding in our props, but with 15 years experience, we also know that what will work at a wedding might be completely inappropriate at a business Christmas party.  That is why we take care to deliver a 5 star experience catered to you.

For Corporate Events we know audiences are looking for something new, unique and most importantly different to what they saw at their last event! That is why we have developed a whole range of shows each utterly unique and each put together with the attention to detail you expect from the UK’s leading producer of glow shows. Our acts are designed specifically for a corporate audience and the reaction we get when they see their own logo, 10ft high, in the finale of our show is phenomenal.

If you are booking the entertainment, you will know whatever you book will reflect on you and your business. This is why we take great care in the whole client experience, from the moment we arrive to moment we leave. Our aim is to get you repeat bookings because the more work we help you secure the more you will come to us when you have a client you need to impress!

Weddings and private parties are a different sort of event with a different set of needs. Often it’s nice for the show to be a surprise, so we have made our set-up as discreet as possible. Sometimes you may need us to provide a sound system, so we will do that at no extra charge. At weddings especially, having the personal touch is so important that we include your names in the show and waive the fee as our wedding present to you!  Our entertainment consultants are there to help you get the most out of your booking so call or email now.

With public events there is a another set of needs and requirements which we have adapted our shows to meet. As these events are often outside and the weather can not be relied upon, we have made our props as water-resistant as possible, so while other glow performers may have to run for cover, we will happily continue. Also, being outside means that you can not control the background light to the same level as you can inside.  Our solution: we’ve made our props capable of varying their brightness (which are some of the brightest in the industry when they need to be). Another way we adapt to your needs is by theming our glow props to match your event, so whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid, Fireworks Night or Halloween, we have a wide library of images which we can use to fit the event perfectly. Both our shows and walkabout performances are created to wow audiences.

When you decide to book one of our performances, you will be booking a wealth of experience gained over 15 years in the industry to help make your event is a success. We pride ourselves on spotting potential difficulties before they become a problem, so with our expertise you’ll get the awe-inspiring show that you’ve booked.

Call or email now to talk to our entertainment consultants about which shows will best suit your event.

See below for our full range of glow acts

Flash Bang Wallop Button Flash Bang Wallop Untitled Document Photon Juggling Show
Untitled Document Acrobatics Show Untitled Document Photon Laser Show
Untitled Document First Light Glow Show Untitled Document Ambient Glow
Untitled Document Cyr Wheel

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