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Amaze your guests with highly skilled and tightly choreographed fire shows.

Our world-renowned fire shows bring together some of the UK’s best fire eaters, jugglers and hula hoopers into a slick production to thrill any audience of any age. Then we add stilt walking, 12ft flaming staffs and an awesome pyro finale the likes of which you will have never seen before! Now you can start to see why booking the best will make you the go-to guru for future events. Call or email now to talk to our entertainment consultants on how we can offer you a bespoke package to fit your event.

Click on the video below to see giant fire skipping ropes, fire hula hoop, pyrotechnics and much much more…

Because no two events are alike we offer a range our shows with varied lengths and styles to fit seamlessly into your night.

For wedding and birthday parties, where you are looking to bring everyone together for a spectacular end to the night, we have specifically tailored our show to do just that. These shows can have from one to six performers and be up to 30 mins in length.  We can also advise on when and where to put the show for maximum impact, what your sound requirements are (which we will provide), and a host of other factors to ensure you get the most out of your booking.

If you are putting together entertainment for a public event, we know how important building a crowd can be and just the right way to go about doing so. We also know how important health and safety is and with 15 years experience, hundreds of public shows (often working with councils) and 100% safety record you are in safe hands.

Corporate events need a different approach altogether. If you are booking the entertainment you want something slick, high energy and professional which is going to reflect well on your business and lead to repeat bookings. As part of our Corporate Service: we will arrive early for a tech run with all the necessary equipment; put in place plans for a slick entrance and exit from the stage; at all times carry ourselves with the professional manner you would expect when representing your business.  In addition to this, we have designed high-impact corporate shows capable of being performed indoors, which audiences absolutely adore.

With 15 years experience we know how to tailor our shows around your needs, so when you book us you are not just getting a spectacular show, but you are booking our expertise to help make your event a success.   

Fancy taking a risk? Neither do we. At Smoking Hot Productions we understand the vital importance of safety and are proud to boost a 100% safety record.

Call or email now to discuss with our entertainment consultants which show is best for you.

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