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Ambient Glow Performers

If you want to impress your guests with a meet and greet performance or build the atmosphere at your event, then our ambient glow performers never fail to impress. Glow spinning is a hypnotic and captivating form of entertainment that will wow any guest, and build a high tech high impact atmosphere. Our performers are multi-talented and will do up to three sets using a variety of different props including glow hoops, glow staff and pixel poi.

Our custom designed props can create stunning pictures in the air with their high density programmable LEDs. We have a wide library of graphics and images ranging from romantic flowers and hearts for wedding events and spooky pumpkins and ghosts for halloween events and any theme in between. If you have a particular theme for your event, please do get in touch and together we will find the right images to fit your event perfectly.

For a small extra fee, covering the programming time, we can completely personalise our props for your event, displaying your logo or personal message in lights for all to see.

Postal address: 88 Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AT
We offer Glow and Fire Performances : Pixel Props : Graphic and Pixelated Poi : Fire Staff, Hoops and Poi : Glow Umbrellas : Glow Suits : Customisable Props incorporating Your Logo
Entertainment suitable for a Corporate Event : Private Party : Birthday Entertainment : Wedding Reception Entertainment
Gala Dinner : Product Launch : Fashion Show : Music Video

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